MT5 platform on PC
Trends Creator Global Limited client terminal can help you log in to the trading network smoothly. It is a tool for trading behavior on "Forex", "CFD" and "futures", which helps you realize technical analysis in reality. MetaTrader 5 is a world-renowned top trading platform loved by traders. MT5 is a software designed to provide customers with the best trading experience. Traders can not only use their own complete specifications, rich functions and humanized platform interface to manage the trading account, but also maximize the efficiency and feasibility of their trading strategy. We have also added other additional functions, including MT5's expanded architecture and advantageous network, Ensure that our customers will enjoy the top trading environment and quality.
Main features:
Transactions can be realized on "Forex", "CFD" and "futures";
The transaction can be completed in different time periods;
Technical analysis with the help of a wide range of indicators and various chart tools;
Can establish their own personal indicators and charts, and can be tested;
In the realization of transaction behavior, the tool has high security;
You can receive messages from various information agencies;
There are many kinds of vouchers to help you implement different strategies: instant execution, request execution and market execution.
It provides you with various display and chart tools to help you conduct technical analysis in real time and provide basis for your trading behavior. The operation of selling and buying orders can be completed in a few seconds. The setting of various orders can enable you to effectively implement your own strategy in the market. The built-in status display helps you intuitively observe the operation state of foreign exchange rate during technical analysis. The use of "metaquotes language 5 (MQL 5)" language can receive more suggestions and display them to you, and you can create and test your own trading strategy.
Meta Trader 5 (MT5)
Meta trader 5 (MT5) trading platform is the most popular online forex trading terminal in the world. By using MT5 bridging technology, we can connect our forex capital pool with deep liquidity and make MT5 trading platform more powerful. We are working with midak to realize the fine-tuning of optical fiber network, so as to make the server have the advantages of foreign exchange trading of MT5 platform. By using our MT5 trading platform, traders can enjoy greater advantages in the global foreign exchange market, realize the steady and continuous improvement of transaction execution speed, as well as the transparency and rapid cash inflow of all asset classes.

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