Provide a paid IB project for global individual and enterprise customers. This project provides commission to IB introducing new business. IB's cumulative Commission is based on relevant transaction volume and account deposit.
Our IB must work in accordance with its local procedures and can continuously make profits through a long-term business plan.
Past experience has proved that IB's cooperation with is far better than that with other brokers, which makes it have a good reputation in the global foreign exchange market
Join and experience different brand reputation.
Why become an introduction broker member?
Already IB
Even if you already have cooperative relations with other brokers, you are welcome to contact us at any time.
We can always provide you with a better commission system and continuous dividends based on customer base.
Contact us to see what we can do for you.
Main advantages of IB
As an IB member, according to the transaction volume of your recommender, you will get a competitive rebate that reaches your agent account in real time.
We provide recommended links for all IB to facilitate the certification of introduced customers and the green channel to access IB accounts 24 hours a day.
Improve your IB performance
As an IB member, the customers you introduce will receive the best service treatment. We guarantee that the whole process of loading customer information, from opening an account to safe and rapid deposit, will be fully taken care of.
Becoming an IB member ensures that you have no worries and devote yourself to recommending customers.

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