1. Simulated account
If you are a beginner trader and do not need to invest any capital, simulating simulated trading under real market conditions is a perfect learning plan.
What is a forex simulation account?
Simulated accounts are a unique tool for beginners and experienced traders.
It is strongly recommended to start trading in the foreign exchange market and use a simulated account It doesn't take much time to open a simulation account. More importantly, it doesn't cost any money because it's completely free.
A foreign exchange simulation account is not only the learning foundation of the money market, but also the opportunity to become a good strategist and evaluate the agency service quality of the broker you choose.
Using your simulation account, you will learn how to operate a trading terminal: buy / sell currency pairs and other tools, use technical analysis indicators, create trend line charts, and so on
Opening simulation account
To open a new mock account, you need to fill out a simple form about your information The system will automatically generate a simulated account number for you and send an email to your mailbox.
The validity period of the simulated account provided by Trends Creator Global Limited is 30 days from registration
In particular, the execution speed, trading conditions and other functional parameters of all types of simulated account orders, whether matetrader5 or sirx platform, are completely consistent with the company's real account trading conditions. Therefore, the transition from simulated account to real market transaction will be almost ignored This advantage allows our customers to use their trading skills to trade in simulated accounts as fully as possible.
Are you ready to trade with a free mock account? Try our popular MetaTrader 5. MetaTrader 5 has been in a leading position in foreign exchange trading software for many years
2. Standard account
Tradable CFD products such as gold and silver index and 61 foreign exchange currency pairs
Analytical trading tools
Floating point difference from 2.3
Through specially developed customer web page management, we can control risks and leverage
Up to 400X leverage
You can choose the trader for real-time documentary trading
Initial deposit minimum $2000
Fast deposit and withdrawal
Maximum tradable 30 standard hands / order, variable 0.01
Trading is allowed when news information is released
Best support for standard accounts:
Unlimited use of simulated accounts to improve their trading strategies
Self service account opening
Professional account manager service 24 × 5 days
Online access to funds
Multilingual online customer service support
3. Enterprise account
If you are a customer with large capital or have certain customer resources, you can experience the guidance of professional customer manager and enjoy noble personalized service. And according to your needs, we can provide a generous and easy to operate commission structure. In addition, we also provide you with one-to-one institutional service consultants to help solve the problems you and your customers encounter. Instant access to transactions through "one account, six platforms": MT5 transaction terminal, mobile platform, and personal multi account management tool (MAM).

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