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General advice
The information on the website is only universal, or it can not cover all events, situations and needs. Therefore, before implementation, we should carefully consider the possible events, situations and needs.
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Use of website
You are personally responsible for any published articles (including any modifications to the articles). Therefore, when using the website, we should not involve any information that may be misleading or deceptive in the published articles, nor carry out illegal or unauthorized activities.
If there are hyperlinks to other websites, you will be deemed to support the content on such websites. Therefore, it is best to make a relevant statement that the content of the hyperlink website is only the view of others and has no responsibility with you.
If you are employed by or have an interest relationship with a securities company, or have an interest relationship with a securities issuer, you need to state it in the article. If you are found or suspected of publishing or disseminating illegal or unauthorized articles, your posting will be revoked.
All contents on this website, including but not limited to works, publications, briefings, price information, transaction data, general transaction instructions, performance information, blogs, posts, netizen comments, design, text, charts, pictures, trademarks, icon buttons, images and data sorting; Modification and improvement of these contents; Derivative works based on these contents.
All copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets or other property owned by others in the terms of use shall not be regarded as the user's license or use right.
The website or the property of services, financial transaction information, price information, transaction data, general transaction instructions, performance information, blogs, posts, netizens' comments, publications and briefings, which are connected with the third-party website. You can download, view, copy and print the information, materials and other information on the website: 1) only for personal reference; 2) The materials, ownership and disclaimer involved cannot be modified or changed in any way.
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Unless otherwise expressly provided, the website or other information and content of the website may not be used, downloaded, uploaded, copied, copied, printed, performed, reprinted, sold, licensed, disseminated, distributed, redistributed through framework technology, or commercially developed in any way without prior written permission.

Unauthorized use of the website
Have the right to investigate and take legal actions against all illegal or unauthorized use of the website, including but not limited to: unauthorized access to the website through third-party applications, remote control devices, crawlers or other automatic devices, programs, applications, data mining technologies or extraction tools and other unauthorized ways; Obstructing the website; Any behavior that leads to abnormal loading of the website; Or link to the website page through other links instead of the home page. At the same time, the decision not to take measures for the violation of the terms of use cannot be regarded as a waiver of the legal rights and interests of the terms of use and.

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