Trends Creator Global Limited covers forex margin trading services, financial derivatives trading services, liquidity services, capital services, market information services, trading software services and other different fields for enterprises and individual investors.
We have been committed to providing the best trading environment for investors around the world.


Our business scope
Adopt advanced technology to provide you with faster and smoother trading methods and help you better seize trading opportunities.
The meaning of our existence is for you - investors who can always find opportunities one step ahead and access tens of thousands of financial markets.
Regardless of the rise and fall of the market, you can explore trading opportunities; Forex, stocks, indices and other assets can be freely selected.

Company philosophy

Integrity: integrity has always been the driving force for Trends Creator Global Limited to make continuous progress and continue to be trusted by more investors. At present, Trends Creator Global Limited is still developing. Our goal is to become an enterprise trusted by more investors all over the world.

Professional: as a financial enterprise, nothing can better reflect the long-term strategy of a company than professional compliance.

Innovation: Trends Creator Global Limited follows the pace of modern technology and adopts the most advanced programs and trading software to provide fast and convenient financial experience for customers all over the world. Making it easier for individual investors to participate in transactions is our mission. We optimize transaction costs by reducing spreads and transaction commissions.

Cooperation: we are very happy to share our business profit model with our partners and customers. At the same time, CFD traders have become increasingly mature and experienced, and the requirements for transparent and trustworthy execution are also growing. As a leading market trader. Trends Creator Global Limited insists on transparency and cooperation as the value proposition of operating enterprises, which is the guarantee of our continuous success.



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